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Confetti at Night Concert

July 18 - 20, 2024

 Miami, FL


March 1st  - June 15th  2024

Empowering youth



Above .500 Inc. presents a transformative talent search event aimed at discovering the next generation of conscious artists aged 15-25. Embracing the urgent need to shift the narrative in mainstream music away from perpetuating stereotypes, violence, and hyper-sexualized content, this initiative seeks to empower youth by providing a platform for 10 selected participants to showcase their music, focusing on genuine life experiences and positive storytelling. 

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Performer on Stage


Through an online contest leading to a Miami-based finale, this event aims to foster a culture where authenticity and conscious expression in music take center stage, with the ultimate goal of redefining the industry landscape and offering a refreshing breath of creativity and purpose to the youth.


* Locksmith

* Sa-Roc

* Mysonne

More to be announced!


Live Performances: 

  • Each of the 10 finalists performs live on stage, showcasing their talent in front of an audience and judges.

  • Performances can include their submitted songs and potentially new material.

Determining the Winners:

  • Votes from both the in-person and online audiences are tallied in real-time.

  • The top performers based on audience and judges votes secure the winner and runner-up positions.

Audience Voting:

  • Both the audience present at the event venue in Miami and online viewers watching the live stream have the opportunity to vote.

  • Voting mechanisms include livestream website interface and text message poll.

Announcement & Celebration:

  • The two winners are announced live on stage.


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March 1st - June 15th 2024

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ABOVE .500 Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. All ticket sales are Donations & Gifts are that deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS Regulations​​​​​. No refunds allowed.

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